RX Resin Lenses

RX Resin Lenses

RX lens is a kind of high degree product which also belongs to semi-finished products. RX means that single vision is above 1000 degrees and cylinder above 400 degrees. The quality of RX lens depends on lens blank and machine; but as the lens is too thick (the higher the degree is, the thicker the lens is), it has not attracted the customer who loves beauty. However, because of the development of science, a kind of new design is developed; the design can reduce the lens thickness and it just comes from the IOT Company. We are using the design software now; it can effectively reduce the thickness and its effect is obvious.
  • 1.49 RX Lens

    1.49 RX Lens

    Excellent scratch resistance; New design; lighter and more b...

  • 1.56 RX Lens

    1.56 RX Lens

    15% thinner and lighter than 1.499 RX Lenses; Excellent scra...

  • 1.591 PC RX Lens

    1.591 PC RX Lens

    35% more wear resistance, scratch resistance and more durabl...

  • 1.60 RX Lens

    1.60 RX Lens

    15% thinner and lighter than 1.56 RX Lens; Excellent scratch...

  • 1.67 RX Lens

    1.67 RX Lens

    15% thinner and lighter than 1.60 RX Lens; Excellent scratch...

  • 1.74 RX Lens

    1.74 RX Lens

    20% thinner and lighter than 1.67 RX Lens; Excellent scratch...

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